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RASTAQ is an abbreviation for Rope access And Sign Technical Association.

It allows signboard installation at height place with applying the Rope Access Technique.

Rope access technique is not much popular in Japan. However it is used for various industries all over the world.

The world’s largest association has been established named IRATA in United Kingdom in 1992.It offers and provides the international qualification.

Rope access technique is recognized for the essential technology of maintaining high rise buildings, dams, industrial complex, wind power generation, iron poll.

We have developed the RASTAQ signboard installation technology for alternative way and as a new standard for signboard installation at height place.

Safety Always Comes First
Our RASTAQ staff have been trained for longtime after gaining basic knowledge of rope access.
We act and work on the basis of safety first at any location and environment.
We are continuously improving the level of service since obtained IRATA, international license for rope access. IRATA is an abbreviation for International Rope Access Trade Association that is established in United Kingdom in 1992. IRATA is the world’s largest association that aims to improve Rope access engineers’ level of skills and new technology development. It aims safety operation and accident‐free for those use rope access technique.
IRATA Official Website

IRATA Qualification

IRATA Certification


About US

RASTAQ has developed evolutionally RASTAQ signboard installation technology in 2008.

RASTAQ has been incorporated in 2012 when we have conducted practical applications of RASTAQ’s technology.

We have worked in many places in Japan, and achieved satisfactory results.

More engineers joined to our team and installing signboard’s size and
speed has been rapidly increased as a result that we have managed 3 people to work and install at the same time.

We are striving to improve and develop the RASTAQ signboard
installation technology after obtained IRATA, international license of rope access.

We provide the best service to customers Japan wide.

Contact US

Address:〒816-0924 2-3-10 ShiSakae cho Onojo City Fukuoka , Japan